Beginner’s Guide

If you are new to sewing, let us help you with easy to sew projects, well-behaved fabrics and some useful resources to set you up for success.

Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns

We recommend Tilly and the Buttons as a great place to start your dressmaking journey – the Dominique skirt, Stevie tunic and Cleo dungaree dress are our top picks

You can find lots more other beginner patterns here.

Beginner Friendly Fabrics

Stable woven fabrics like cotton poplins are great for beginners. They come in a wide variety of colours and prints and are good for easy projects like cushions and bags.

Cotton lawns are perfect for dressmaking as they feel luxurious and have a good amount of drape but are easy to handle.

Our range of Spanish cottons are our top pick for beginner dressmakers as they are easy to work with, lovely to wear and come in a great variety of designs.

Learn to Sew With Us

Here are some of our beginner friendly workshops, pefect to help you on your sewing journey.


We’ve also got an archive of sewing tutorials, blog posts and videos to help you get started.