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MULTIPACK: Operating Procedure Woven Garment Labels


From the newest label designer on the block, Inside Voices!

The Operating Procedure multipack contains 8 woven labels, 4 of which say ‘Insert Head’
(green background, white text) and 4 of which say ‘Insert Butt’ (peachy-red background,
white text). Both sets of labels are double sided and have ‘there are no further instructions’
printed upside down on the back – they are meant to be flipped up and read that way.
These labels turn a regular garment into an interactive artwork with themes of challenging
authority and general sartorial convention. Will you insert your head, or your butt, into the
garment? If so, how far? In what direction? For how long? There are no further instructions.
Moment by moment you create your own destiny.


Each pack comes with EIGHT LABELS: FOUR say ‘INSERT HEAD’ and FOUR say ‘INSERT

Label colours are as follows:
INSERT HEAD: Pantone 7482 C (background) with white text.
INSERT BUTT: Pantone 178 C (background) and Pantone 705 C (text).
Labels have a centre fold.
Labels have a seam allowance of about 1/4 inches and are meant to be sewn into a seam or
a facing, but you are most welcome to do whatever you wish with them.

Labels measure 1″ x 1 1/8″ folded and 1” x 2 1/4” unfolded.Made in the Netherlands, designed and packaged in New Zealand. Designs are sometimes looked at critically by a Malaysian living in Melbourne.


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